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For parents, a plethora of changes can make it more difficult to raise children, such as the loss of a job or an injury that was not expected. Sometimes, these changes are so significant that it is necessary for parents to modify their child support order or custody order. In

If you have recently gone through a divorce, or are thinking about how splitting up with your marital partner could affect you, many considerations may be in front of you, such as dividing your marital property, alimony, relocation and a host of other matters. Whether you live in Salt Lake

From the visitation to shared custody, there are a number of terms related to child custody. However, it is important to understand some of the simplest terms if you anticipate a divorce in the near future. If you live in Salt Lake City, you may have all sorts of questions,

If you are a grandparent, you may have all sorts of concerns related to your grandchild, such as how they are performing in school. However, it can be particularly upsetting if you are unable to spend time with them, which may occur for different reasons. If you are going through

Parents often have many concerns after splitting up with each other, such as how much child support will be paid and who will be able to spend time with the children on certain days. Unfortunately, custody matters can be especially challenging for some families in Salt Lake City, and all

From relocation to visitation rights, there are a wide variety of legal issues that sometimes come with divorce. For those who are concerned about being able to spend time with their children, a child custody dispute can be highly emotional and stressful. In Salt Lake City, Utah, people who are seeking

As a parent, you may be concerned about child support for various reasons. On the one hand, you may be a custodial parent who is worried about being able to provide for your children or your child’s other parent refusing to pay what they owe. On the other hand, you

The ultimate goal when determining custody arrangements in any Utah divorce case is to account for the best interests of the child or children involved. It’s for that reason that the terms of a child custody agreement are legally binding. In the event that one party attempts to violate the terms of

Custody Evaluations can be intimidating. In these videos, we’ll go over what to expect, and how to prepare so you can get the best possible custody outcome for you and your children. Just Law Utah is a family law firm that believes in helping families find peace of mind and

In the state of Utah, it is becoming increasingly common in custody cases for the Court to appoint a guardian ad litem. But what exactly does that mean? In this blog, we discuss the answer to this question. A guardian ad litem, most commonly referred to as just a “guardian,” is an

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