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Many times, clients are concerned about appearing at court for hearings in their temporary orders case, and rightfully so. The unknown, especially when the stakes are high and personal, is intimidating. The first thing you should understand about temporary orders is what happens behind the scenes and prior to the

Utah Code 30-3-18 used to require a 90-day divorce finalization waiting period. The old 90-day divorce timeline used to mean that parties would have to wait at least 90 days after the date they filed their Divorce Petition until their Decree of Divorce could become final. However, the 90-day wait is over

Let’s talk about money. This is a common question we get from our clients before we start working together. In this video, we’ll discuss how much you can expect your divorce to cost, as well as some tips on how to keep costs reasonably low. Just Law Utah is a

This is a common question, and a difficult one to answer because every case is different. The short answer is, the more you agree on going into the divorce, the more quickly we can come to a resolution. In this video we’ll talk about how long you can expect a

In this video, we’ll go over some of the first things you should look at when you are shopping for lawyers for your divorce. In general, you want a family-focused lawyer who is experienced in your type of case, and has experience in your local court system as well. Just

Some divorce cases may seem like a lawyer is unnecessary, especially if there is not much conflict. In this video we’ll go over how to decide when you should invest in a lawyer to help you through your case. Just Law Utah is a family law firm that believes in

In some cases, you can work with your partner and your lawyers to come to an agreement about your divorce case including deciding outcomes about child custody, splitting assets, etc. Going through the court system is not always necessary. Each state is different, so be sure to look into Collaborative

This is not the first thing people think of when going through a divorce, but it is one of those questions that sometimes has to be solved. In this video we’ll talk about common options for handling pets during a separation. Just Law Utah is a  family law firm that

Divorce DON’TS! After dedicating our careers to working on family law cases for decades, we’ve come up with some of the biggest pitfalls and things to avoid during your divorce. Just Law Utah is a Utah family law firm that believes in helping families find peace of mind and effective solutions

Going through a divorce is difficult. In many ways you are starting a whole new chapter of your life, and this can be overwhelming. Luckily we have decades of experience with these kinds of cases, so in this video we’ll walk you through some of the first things you should

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