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Working Through An International Child Abduction Case

Parents often have many concerns after splitting up with each other, such as how much child support will be paid and who will be able to spend time with the children on certain days. Unfortunately, custody matters can be especially challenging for some families in Salt Lake City, and all over Utah. For example, you may be overwhelmed with stress and uncertainty if your child was abducted by his or her other parent and taken out of the country. At Just Law Utah, we know just how upsetting this issue can be.

Child Abduction Case

If you know that your child was abducted or you are concerned that international abduction may have occurred, you should immediately assess all the details surrounding the situation. In addition to securing all of your child’s documents, you should try to familiarize yourself with relevant laws in the U.S. and the country that your child was taken to.

You should also reach out to the State Department as well as your local authorities and inform them of the abduction. While international abduction may be one of your worst nightmares, you could be able to successfully resolve the matter and protect your child to ensure that they do not have to go through any suffering related to child abduction.

Although these issues can be highly emotional, you should try to remain calm and stay level-headed. If you head over to our age on paternity, custody and visitation, you can take a look at even more information related to the custody of children.

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