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In Need of a Family Law Lawyer in Park City, Utah

At Just Law, our Park City family law and divorce attorneys focus on our clients’ well-being and deliver the best results for each case, regardless of the opposition or circumstances.

With around 8,500 people sharing fewer than 20 square miles in Summit County, extending into Wasatch County, Park City residents deserve dedicated, local family law legal representation that is afforded to others who live in much larger Utah cities without having to leave their community to speak with an experienced attorney in person.

Not only do our dedicated family lawyers have a physical office located in the Clayton Building in historic Prospector Square, Park City but Nonie Ferguson, Esq., the partner who manages Just Law’s Park City location, is a Park City local. Nonie, her husband Matthew, their daughter and dog Bear absolutely cherish their hometown. The Park City office is open for scheduled in-person meetings and virtual consultations to accommodate busy personal and professional schedules.

Park City Family Law Attorney

Nonie and her team believe it is their job to provide complete legal solutions for their clients’ needs and understand what happens now, in our office, during negotiations, at mediation, or inside the courtroom, lays the groundwork for their futures — and we refuse to compromise a single detail.

Experienced Park City, Utah Family Law Attorney Practice Areas

Just Law is a family law and divorce firm unlike any other. Our Park City family lawyers and exceptional support staff have achieved thousands of positive outcomes for our clients by covering all potential legal disputes today so they do not present recurring roadblocks in the future.

Our devotion, skill, and experience have made us the go-to name in family law advocacy for individuals and families across Utah and especially in Park City in the following practice areas:

At Just Law, we understand our clients’ challenges and how they impact their daily lives until solid legal solutions are in place. We work tirelessly to ensure each person we represent feels confident in their family law decisions because their futures depend on it.

Will My Family Law Case Be Managed by a Primary Attorney or Handled by Associates or Paralegals?

At Just Law, our Park City family law attorneys understand the challenges of changing family dynamics and how they align with our state’s complex laws, so you will be matched with a lawyer who fits your unique legal needs. From the time you partner with our Utah family law firm, you will have a dedicated attorney who will provide seamless guidance, ensuring a peaceful journey through the legal process for the best outcome possible.

Staying connected to our clients and their complete legal needs is our priority.

This means you will have direct access to our family lawyers and a dedicated support staff who know each detail of your case, so the stress and anxiety of your family law challenges will be alleviated quickly and effectively.

When you entrust our Utah family lawyers with your legal needs, our foremost concern becomes delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions. We do our best to keep your attorney fees minimal while still advocating fiercely on your behalf.

What is the Typical Process for Resolving Family Law Issues in Utah, and How Long Does It Usually Take?

Through our years of experience, we have learned that there is nothing “typical” about the legal process.

Each of our prospective and existing clients — including you — has unique family dynamics that require customized legal strategies to ensure their journey through the process is as seamless as possible. To ensure we are developing the best approach for your case, we will actively listen to the reasons that led you to our law firm.

Once we understand your current challenges, concerns, fears, and hopes, we outline your legal needs to align with Utah’s law so you know what to expect from our partnership.

We build and nurture long-term relationships with our clients, which allows them to see each potential angle of their case, so there are no surprises about how their current issue will unfold and no detail left to chance regarding how today’s legal challenges affect the future.

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Whether you are seeking to expand your family through adoption or surrogacy or are searching for a skilled divorce and child custody attorney who will put your best interests first, our women-owned family law firm in Park City has attorneys who will do more than take your case. Together, we will carefully guide you through the legal process so you can start planning your new life confidently and without delay.

Contact our dedicated Park City family law attorneys today by calling (801)-274-7000 online or scheduling a virtual consultation. At Just Law, we pride ourselves on being here when our clients need us.

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