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Protection Order Attorneys in Salt Lake City & Park City, Utah

If you are a victim of domestic violence, are dealing with a recent messy divorce, or are having trouble with an ex who won’t leave you alone, it is possible to legally require them to avoid contact and communication. You can accomplish this by establishing a protection order, also known as a restraining order, against them.

A protection order will give you peace of mind while you are getting through this tough time in your life. Being followed unwillingly is a terrible situation, and we have seen first-hand the relief that a protective order can bring our clients.

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Taking Away the Threat

Most often our clients say that the unwanted contact emerges during a divorce or other stressful family law matter. Sometimes, your ex may threaten you or make unwanted and persistent content by phone, social media, or email. However, when violence gets involved, you are no longer safe and you need help. A restraining order can help ensure your safety.

We can help you get a restraining order if you have experienced any of the following:

  • Threats of violence.
  • Stalking.
  • Intimidation.
  • Unwanted touching.
  • Unwanted contact, including showing up at your home or workplace.

The good news is that if you have a record of this person’s violence through a police-granted protective order, any family law judge will be able to understand your matter more clearly. This can especially help you during divorce matters and custody battles because nobody wants your children to go into a violent home.

No matter your need, our Salt Lake City family law attorneys are here to help you get through this as peacefully and cautiously as possible. We understand your needs and are here to fight for you and your family’s safety.

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