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Property Division Attorneys in Salt Lake City & Park City, Utah

Property division is an important part of any divorce process, whether you and your spouse have come to an amicable agreement or if you are litigating your case in court. Many people assume that you only need to hire our Salt Lake City divorce lawyers if you are going to court. But attorneys trained in mediation or collaborative divorce techniques can actually make your divorce easier for both parties involved. At Just Law, we can help negotiate the division of your assets to come to a fair agreement so both of you can leave as happy as possible and ready to move into the rest of your life.

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What Goes Into The Property Division Process?

Some aspects of the marriage that are taken into consideration when dividing property include:

  • How long the marriage lasted?
  • Which spouse had a higher income?
  • Whether or not there was a prenuptial agreement.
  • If children are involved.

Making sure that your property is divided fairly is our Salt Lake City divorce attorneys’ top priority. Our goal is to help you get through your divorce as peacefully as possible so that both of you are able to live your best life after the divorce. However, Just Law Utah can also assist you in contentious matters, facilitating discussion and helping guide you and your spouse to an agreement.

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We are skilled in divorce law and can help you with every aspect of your case, including property division, support matters, and custody issues. We know it is important to your own peace of mind to have a smooth and peaceful transition out of a marriage and it is our goal to help protect your best interests and the best interests of your family.

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