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Paternity Attorney in Salt Lake City & Park City, Utah

Most often, paternity refers to the father of the child. In the legal sense, this could mean finding out who the father of your child is through a paternity test or it could mean holding the biological father financially responsible for the child. No matter what your paternity need is, Just Law Utah can help you.

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Complicated & Emotional Issues

We know that paternity can be complicated, and paternity law usually applies to mothers who are not married to the father of the child or children. While you are not required to be married in order to have kids, legal matters, even something as simple as enrolling your children in school, can require action on behalf of the father.

Maybe you are a father and you want to be in your child’s life. Establishing paternity can also help strengthen your right to visitation and custody, even though you may not be married to the child’s mother.

Our Salt Lake City family law attorneys can help you with every aspect of paternity law, including:

  • Accessing health insurance.
  • Ensuring a child’s inheritance.
  • Obtaining child support.
  • Establishing custody.
  • Registering for social security benefits.
  • Getting your children citizenship.

Many people do not realize that paternity can affect many huge areas of a child’s life. Even worse, if you don’t establish who has custody of your children now, it is possible that the father can sue for custody later in life, causing a tangled and emotional legal situation.

We Also Represent The Following Practice Areas:-

Protecting Your Child's Best Interest

No matter the issues you are having with the father of your children, there are laws meant to protect children, which can often mean protecting you as the child’s caregiver. Our Salt Lake City paternity lawyers at Just Law Utah know the law and can help represent you and your children.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Call 801-274-7000 for an appointment to make sure that you and your children have the protections under the paternity law that you need.

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