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Family Law Mediation Attorneys in Salt Lake City & Park City, Utah

Every divorce is different. While some divorces are contentious and involve long, drawn-out court cases with final resolutions being delivered by a judge, other cases are more cooperative and done in a way that preserves any friendship that is left in your relationship.

You may be a good candidate for mediation if you think you and your spouse can come to an agreement about each area of your divorce in a harmonious and non-confrontational way.

We have years of experience with all types of divorce and can help you achieve results through the mediation process. Call our office at 801-274-7000 to inquire about a consultation.

Here to Help You Separate Peacefully

Separations are stressful enough, but worrying about how to divide your assets and split time with your children can be overwhelming. We have successfully mediated many family law cases, from simple to complex matters. We know that we have the care and attention to make sure that your divorce is done as peacefully and easily as possible.

We can represent you and your family in all aspects of divorce and mediation, including:

Divorce Mediation vs. Arbitration

Mediation and arbitration are two forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Here are the differences between the two and how to make the most of each approach.

  • Mediation – This form of ADR relies on both parties to directly negotiate the terms of their divorce agreement together, with the assistance of a third-party mediator. Every decision in the mediation process is left to both parties to make together, so it’s crucial that a cordial and constructive tone can be maintained throughout the course of mediation. Because parties must work together during mediation, respect and consideration should be offered by both.
  • Arbitration – This form of ADR depends on the same degree of courtesy and objectivity applied to mediation to be successful, but is more formal. The decision made by the arbitrating consultant cannot be contested by either party, and their ruling is final. Therefore, it’s important that both parties attempt to address each issue with care to avoid the prospect of future problems or litigation.

Contact a Divorce Mediator in Utah

Don’t let the complex laws surrounding divorce in Utah intimidate you. We have a caring team and we are able to help you make the best decisions for your family in a way that will leave all parties happy and ready to move on with a new chapter in your lives. As a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, you know you can trust us to help you get the outcome you desire.

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