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Child Support Attorneys in Salt Lake City & Park City, Utah

Child support is a right of the child that cannot be contracted away by the child’s parents. Whether the other parent is actively involved in the child’s life or not, the parent exercising less overnights than the other parent, or the parent who makes more money than the other parent will pay child support. Parents are obligated to support their child financially. Even though there are strict child support laws in Utah, you may need to fight for the financial support your child needs and deserves. The best way to do this is with help from a qualified, experienced child support lawyer in Salt Lake City and Park City. These legal professionals can assess your unique situation and determine the best route forward for you and your children.

Custody lawyers can be equally helpful for spouses tasked with paying child support. If you are facing a crippling financial obligation, a lawyer can help you pursue a more realistic, fair outcome that ensures everyone’s best interests are met. A Salt Lake and Park City child support lawyer can also assist with matters relating to college tuition, childcare, healthcare, and much more. But how exactly does child support work in Utah? How can a child support lawyer help you pursue the best possible outcomes?

What is Child Support in Utah?

Child support takes the form of payments delivered from one parent to the other in order to ensure that children’s basic necessities and living costs are met. Child support is legally required in many cases, and it may be ordered by the court after divorces or breakups among parents. Even parents who never had a long-term romantic relationship may be ordered to pay child support if it is established that the child is biologically theirs.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of how child support works in Utah, be sure to book a consultation with child support lawyers in Salt Lake City or Park City from Just Law Utah.

What Does Child Support Cover in Utah?

Child support is intended to cover the child’s basic needs and necessities.

These might include:

  • Shelter.
  • Education.
  • Food.
  • Clothing.
  • Transport.
  • Heating.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Safety.
  • Medical care.

That being said, child support may cover a range of expenses that are not strictly “necessary.” For example, a parent might spend child support on entertainment or extra-curricular activities for their child. There is no system in place that keeps parents accountable when it comes to spending child support funds. Instead, parents are trusted to spend this money responsibly – and not on personal, frivolous expenses.

For high-net-worth families, the standards might be somewhat higher. For example, a child may have grown accustomed to a certain standard of living during the marriage. This standard of living might have included lavish vacations, expensive hobbies, private tuition, and so on. The family may wish to uphold this standard of living to minimize psychological stress for the children, so they may order a higher child support amount than usual.

If you would like to plan your finances in more detail and determine what might be covered by child support, consider booking a consultation with a child support attorney in Salt Lake City and Park City.

How Much Child Support Will I Get in Utah?

Child support is calculated based on income disparities between parents. Parents who earn much higher incomes compared to their exes can expect to pay a large portion of this income in child support. You can visit Utah’s official child support calculator to get a sense of how much you will pay (or receive). These calculations are based on the amount of time the child spends with each parent and the income level of each parent.

If you would like to accurately estimate how much child support you stand to receive (or pay) in Utah, be sure to get in touch with qualified child support attorneys in Salt Lake City and Park City.

Who Pays Child Support in Utah?

Parents who earn more than their exes typically pay child support. However, child support also depends on custody or how much time each parent spends with their child. If a parent has sole custody and earns much more than their ex, they may not need to pay any child support whatsoever. If parents earn identical amounts and share physical custody, neither parent may need to pay child support.

If you are wondering whether you might be required to pay child support in Utah, consider getting in touch with child support lawyers in Salt Lake City and Park City.

When Does Child Support End in Utah?

In Utah, child support generally ends at the age of 18. However, support may extend past the age of 18 if the child is still in high school past their 18th birthday. Note that Utah states that child support must continue until the “later of these two events” occurs. If you need to determine exactly when child support ends in Utah, you may wish to book a consultation with a child support lawyer in Salt Lake City and Park City.

What Happens if My Ex Stops Paying Child Support in Utah?

If your ex stops paying child support in Utah, they may experience serious legal consequences. The state is authorized to intercept and garnish their wages in an attempt to provide you with child support. Tax returns may also be intercepted. If delinquency continues, their driver’s license or professional license may be suspended. In serious cases, spouses can even face incarceration for failing to pay child support. If your ex has stopped paying child support in Utah, consider getting in touch with a child support attorney in Salt Lake City and Park City.

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Where Can I Find an Experienced Child Support Attorney in Utah?

If you have been searching for an experienced child support attorney in Park City and Salt Lake City look no further than Just Law Utah. Over the years, we have helped numerous parents plan and execute child support agreements. We can also assist parents who are owed child support.

If you have questions about whether your child support will cover tuition, health insurance, childcare, and other necessities, be sure to book a consultation with us as soon as possible. While internet research serves as a positive first step, nothing can replace the accuracy and personalization of a consultation with a legal professional. Reach out today to get started.

You’re Not in This Alone

It can be hard to not feel alone when navigating the complex processes that follow a divorce when children are involved. At Just Law Utah, you can rest assured that we are here to represent your best interests and make sure that your family gets the most amicable and just resolution to your child support case. Our primary goal is to restore peace in your life, so we make it a priority to promptly deliver effective and cost-efficient legal remedy for your case.

Call our office to discuss your options. We can be reached at 801-274-7000.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Salt Lake City & Park City Child Support Lawyers

Why could child support be extended?

Child support can be extended if the child is over 18 but still in high school. The other instance is if the child has disability that requires more care. If the child is still dependent completely on the parents child support may be extended past 18.

What happens if the parent responsible for paying child support stops paying?

If the parent responsible for paying child support has stopped their payments, you will need to file a motion with the courts. The court will then enforce the child support payments. The punishments for not paying child support could be a little as fines or as severe as jail time. If they are sentenced to jail it does not stop child support payments while they are away.

Can child support still be enforced if the person responsible for paying lives out of state?

Yes, child support can still be enforced been if you live in a different state from your ex. You will want to ask your state court to enforce the order, and see if they still have jurisdiction. If they do not then you can ask your courts to forward the order of enforcement to the state your ex lives in.

Can child support be waived in Utah?

No, child support can’t be waived in Utah. The child has a right to be supported financially, and each parent is responsible for supporting their child.

Do child support payment stop if the custodial parent remarries?

Child support payments do not automatically stop without a court order. If the paying spouse remarries there is a slight chance the child support payments can be lowered since it will be taken in to consideration that they have a spouse to care for, but this is not common, and this will not stop the payments all together. It is also rare that the new spouse of the custodial parent’s income will be taken into consideration, but there are instances where is can be used to lower child support payments. It is still both parent’s responsibility to provide for their child. To understand these situations better you can contact Just Law Utah and speak to their Park City child support lawyers.

What happens if the parent paying child support goes to jail?

If the parent who is responsible for paying the child support is in jail, the child support payment do not stop automatically. If the parent has assets and has the means to continue paying the support, it most likely won’t be stopped. There may be an instance you need to get your child support modified temporarily. If this is a situation you are facing call Just Law Utah and their Park City support lawyers to see what options you have.

If my ex isn’t letting me see the kids do I still have to pay child support?

Yes, child support and visitation are two separate instances. Even if your ex is not letting you see your child, it is still your responsibility to pay the support the child needs. You can file a motion with the court to get your visitation. If you stop paying child support for any reason you could be fined by the courts.

Are the child support payments I’ve been receiving taxable income?

No, the parent receiving the support does not have to pay income tax on the child support payments. Child support is considered the child’s right to have compensation to pay for their needs to be met.

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