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What Happens If You Can’t Pay Child Support?

If you have fallen behind on child support, or are worried that you will become delinquent soon, it is vital to carefully assess your circumstances at once. In Salt Lake City, and all other parts of Utah, falling behind on child support payments can have serious repercussions that completely upend your life. For example, you may be taken into custody, required to pay stiff financial penalties or lose your passport, to name just a few of the consequences.

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For starters, it is crucial to understand the importance of paying child support. If you have a habit of spending your money in other ways and find yourself short, you should try to set aside money to ensure that your child support is paid. However, you may be completely unable to pay child support due to a significant interruption in your income, such as the recent loss of your job.

According to the Utah Courts, you could be able to modify your child support order. However, there are various conditions that must be met. For example, your income must have changed by at least 30 percent and it cannot be more than three years since your child support order was entered.

If you are unable to modify your child support order, you should try to manage your finances well and stay current on the child support you owe. Also, you should understand that this blog is provided for general informational purposes and you should not view this as an alternative to legal advice.

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