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How to Decide Where Kids Will Live after Divorce

Divorce can be difficult even under the best and simplest of circumstances. When kids are involved, however, there is an added measure of difficulty. It’s not just you and your spouse who you need to think about. You have to consider your kids as well. That brings a whole different level of challenges with it, starting with deciding where the kids will live after the divorce. How do you go about making a decision like that?

Think about What’s Best for the Kids


What’s best for the kids should be a huge factor to weigh when deciding where they will live after the divorce. The specifics regarding what that means will be heavily dependent on the family’s circumstances leading up to, and following the divorce. As such, there is no one single right answer as to where the kids should live after the divorce. What is best for the kids will depend on things like their age and need for consistency, social ties, and their educational needs. It’s important to remember that those needs and what is best for them will likely change over time. If you want to prioritize the needs of your kids when it comes to deciding where they’ll live after the divorce, you have to be willing to be at least somewhat flexible with arrangements down the road.

Keep in mind that children do not benefit from conflict. Allowing the divorce to become unnecessarily contentious can easily do more harm than good to your children. Sometimes what is best for the kids is to let go of the conflict, even at the cost of more time with them. Obviously, that is something that can be intensely painful and difficult, which is why Just Law Utah’s attorneys make it a point to not only consider what is best for you as the client but most importantly consider your children as innocent parties that are involved through no fault of their own. The experienced family law attorneys at Just Law Utah always prioritize your children first and foremost.

Consider What Makes Sense as Parents

There’s more to deciding where the kids will live after the divorce than simply looking at what is best for them. You should also consider what makes sense for both parental parties. As parents, you each have a certain responsibility to your kids, responsibilities that you may not be able to properly fulfill if you don’t consider what makes sense for your circumstances. Things like income levels and job schedules often play heavily into this and are well worth taking into account. Always keep in mind that in most situations, your children need both of you and need to see both of you consistently. Remember that it is important for your kids to spend time with both parents and that they love and cherish both of you.

Give Thought to the Future

Whether you want or mean for it to or not, your divorce is practically guaranteed to have a lasting impact on your kids. While that isn’t something you’re likely to be able to control, you can have an influence on the sort of impact it has. Your attitude and how you communicate with both them and your ex-spouse will make a lasting impression. Keep that in mind as you discuss where the kids will live after the divorce with your ex-spouse. Being the primary caretaker is not a requirement in order to have a powerful impact on your kids’ perception of you and the divorce down the road.

Deciding where the kids will live after the divorce can be tough. You have to weigh what’s best for the kids, what makes sense for you and your spouse, and the impact that will have both on their lives now and on into the future. Give the matter plenty of time and careful consideration. As difficult as it may be, do your best to work harmoniously with your spouse to determine the best course of action. Remember, you can always count on the experienced family law attorneys at Just Law Utah to help you navigate this difficult time.

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