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Helpful Tips for Navigating the Adoption Process

Children bring a special joy to their parent/parents. Many couples or individuals find themselves desperately wanting to experience the joy and happiness a child brings, but are not able to have a child of their own. For these couples and persons, adoption offers a solution that allows them to have the child they are yearning for. Unfortunately, the adoption process can be  anything but simple and hard to navigate.

Do Your Research

There’s a lot to learn when you’re trying to adopt a child. To start, research how the adoption process works. That will give you an idea of what you should expect along the way. There are plenty of agencies and programs out there that you have the option to work with. Not all of them are created equal,  so it will be important to research the ones you’re interested in working with to make sure they’re going to be a good fit. The same goes for any countries outside of the United States you intend to adopt from. It is a good idea to consult with an attorney experienced with adoptions so that they can guide you through this process and make sure you are working with reputable agencies.

Know Your Limits

It’s always important to know your limits when it comes to adoption. How open do you intend for your adoption to be? Do you know what age, gender, and race you want to adopt? How do you feel about adopting a child with special needs and/or disabilities?  Sibling groups? All of those are things you need to consider and understand what your limits are and what you can handle. You owe it to yourselves and any children you might adopt to be as realistic as possible when it comes to limits.

Understand the Cost

Unfortunately, as there are so many children in need of a loving home, adoptions are expensive and can be financially overwhelming for a parent. You can easily earn tens of thousands of dollars as you work through the adoption process. This is another area where you need to do your research and know your limits and consult with a competent and qualified adoption attorney so that they can make sure you are spending your money with reputable providers.

Not all costs are monetary though. Don’t underestimate the emotional and mental costs you’ll pay too. The adoption process can take a long time, which can be stressful and draining. It can also be full of twists and turns that can make going through it challenging. There’s also always the risk that it can fall through at the last minute, which can be emotionally devastating. Again why it is so important to have an experienced attorney by your side to help guide you through, what can be, the roller-coaster of adoption.

Hire a Family Law Attorney

Adoption involves navigating hundreds of laws. That’s pretty tough to do on your own, which is why it is often helpful to retain the services of a family law attorney who actually has experience handling adoptions. Not all family law attorneys have handled adoptions or enough adoptions to competently help you through the process. Additionally, adoptions are complex and so are the laws surrounding them. Again, another reason why you need a proficient family law attorney who has years of experience handling adoptions.  Family law attorneys can help with things like filing paperwork, negotiating with agencies, assisting with contracts, and working through both open adoptions, familial adoptions, and step-parent adoptions. When choosing the family law attorney you want to work with, think carefully about their experience in this field.

Find Support

You’ve started on a long journey. Try to remember that this isn’t a journey you’re going on alone, nor are you the first one to take it. There are plenty of people who have adopted children of all sorts, and plenty more who are currently going through the same process you are. That’s good news, since it means that you can find support for you in your journey. You may be able to find support groups on social media and in your local community. You can also seek support from close friends and family as well. Consider finding support from both people who have experienced the adoption process, as they’ll be able to relate to you, and from people who are more distant from it, since they may be able to provide a different sort of valuable support.

Navigating the adoption process can be an exercise in patience and perseverance. It’s not always straightforward and simple. That said, doing some research, knowing your limits, understanding the costs, hiring a family law attorney, and getting the support you need can all go a long way towards making it easier to navigate that process. Remember, the family law attorneys of Just Law Utah are here to help you on your journey. You can always contact us if you have any questions.

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